Fiber laser cutting machine applications of the six industries


At present, the fiber laser cutting machine in China's major metal processing industry has been gradually popularized, so the mainstream application in which industries?

1. Automobile industry. Many corners in the automobile industry, such as car doors and exhaust pipes, need to be dealt with after they are shaped. If manual work is used, the accuracy will be difficult to reach at first, and then the efficiency will be high. Adopting robot laser cutting machine can process in batch quickly.

2. Advertising industry. Advertising industry due to more customization, the use of traditional low efficiency, the use of laser cutting machine, no matter how thick the plate, no matter how many glyphs, laser cutting opportunities to your satisfaction.

3. Kitchenware industry. Now the house more and more, decoration more and more, kitchen related products more and more demand, laser cutting machine suitable for cutting thin stainless steel, fast, high precision, high satisfaction, and can achieve customized and personalized product development, kitchen manufacturers love.

4. Sheet metal processing. Simply put, the processing is a variety of plates, a variety of different graphics cutting parts, laser cutting machine features in the development of the industry in full swing.

5. Cabinet industry. Include distribution cabinet, file cabinet, it is thin board standardization is produced, requirement efficiency, use laser cutting machine 4 station or 6 station suit quite, efficiency is high, also can double layer cut to specific plank.

6. Fitness equipment. Due to the national emphasis on sports health and personal health concept development. Square fitness equipment and household fitness equipment and so on gradually developed, the demand gradually increased. Basic is a number of pipe cutting, the use of laser pipe cutting machine is more convenient and fast.



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