The future development of laser cutting machine industry in China


At present, the main reason for the problems encountered in the development of laser cutting machine industry in China is that optical devices and lasers lack of main technology, and the basic research of processing technology is also relatively weak. At present, laser marking machine and laser cutting machine with large market volume are models with low entry threshold. Most domestic enterprises are suppliers of low-end products, and some high-end equipment market is still occupied by foreign enterprises. So China's laser cutting machine industry in the future where to go?

First, we will strengthen protection of intellectual property rights. The core technology represents the competitiveness of the enterprise. Whether the laser enterprise is engaged in product development or processing technology development, it needs to invest a lot of manpower and financial resources, and its research and development achievements have not made much profit, and it is copied by others, which is a great frustration to the innovation and research and development. The government and industry should clearly realize that the protection of intellectual property rights is crucial to the laser high-tech industry.

The second is to strengthen the laser safety and standards. In the early stage, some laser safety standards in China were translated from foreign countries, which were far behind those in Europe and America. With the expansion of China's laser market, we need to pay more attention to the establishment of safety and standards, because this is the industry access standards, enterprise product safety norms, reduce the industry competition chaos guarantee, but also conducive to improve the domestic laser cutting products of the international quality level.

The third is to strengthen the development of laser processing application technology. Laser related enterprises in our country at present basically all resources to focus on laser, form a complete set of components, development and upgrade of integrated equipment, known for the ability of the products, especially the terminal process of exploration and research done less, Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries, in laser technology exploration results is more, they are not only through research on laser optics, performance, but also on the properties of ceramic materials, the phenomena of interaction between many trials. It is a pity that many of China's laser scientific research remains in the laboratory and has not been turned into products. In addition, the scientific research and innovation of enterprises are close to the market and application, and the innovation achievements of enterprises are often the driving force for the development of the whole industry.

The state has listed "laser manufacturing and additive manufacturing" as key industrial development projects, and has approved a number of research and development projects and financial support. Some local governments have sought to establish laser industrial parks, and have also strengthened support for laser development.



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