Domestic fiber laser cutting machine industry pattern and development


Fiber laser cutting machine is an important application of laser processing technology. In recent years, with the decrease of laser cost, laser cutting technology is becoming more and more mature.

In recent years, the domestic high power fiber laser technology breakthrough development, driving the price of laser cutting equipment down, fiber laser cutting rapid development. In just five years, the fiber laser cutting machine has replaced the position of CO2 laser cutting. Now there are nearly one hundred laser cutting integrators in China, and the competition is fierce. These integrators in addition to the large group, Farley, di neng and several old brands, some enterprise shipments have also developed rapidly.

Compared with other cutting methods, laser cutting is different in that it has the characteristics of fast speed, high precision and wide applicability, etc. Laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, high anti-metal materials, and widely used in plate processing, automobile and locomotive manufacturing, aviation, chemical, light industry, electrical and electronic, petroleum and metallurgy and other industries.

At present, China's annual output of various power levels of CNC laser cutting equipment more than 10,000 sets, with the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, China's CNC laser cutting complete sets of equipment has entered a rapid growth period.

The main development trend and characteristics of laser cutting technology in the future: one is to advance to high speed and high precision laser cutting machine; Second, large laser cutting equipment with high power and large width; Three is the three-dimensional multi-axis flexible multi-function laser cutting machine. In order to meet the needs of three-dimensional workpiece cutting in automobile, aviation and other industries, a variety of 5-axis or 6-axis 3d laser cutting machines have been developed with high processing speed and precision, and the processing error is within 0.1mm within the range of 6.2m. At present, 3d laser cutting machine is developing towards the direction of high efficiency, high precision, multi-function and high adaptability.



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